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Helen Fry: editor/owner/publisher of Lennox Wave

Helen Fry is the owner/publisher/editor of The Lennox Wave and its online sister mag, Wave Weekly. She is a passionate Lennox resident who bought the business six years ago.

“I started working on The Lennox Wave with its founder, Remy Tancred nearly 14 years ago as her new editor.  It all started at the pub in early 2005 (a lot of the best stories do!). I was introduced to Remy’s father-in-law in the bar one night and after a brief chat about what I do (I used to be the communications manager and editor for a company in Sydney), he told me that his daughter-in-law, Remy, was on the look-out for a new editor to work with her on her magazine The Lennox Wave.

I leapt at the chance and rang Remy. We organised an interview and I turned up with my portfolio ready to show her what I could do. We hit it off immediately and before I could even get to show her anything, she gave me the job. With her help I got to
slowly know and understand the community of Lennox Head. We worked together as a tight little team for eight years thoroughly enjoying the job of gathering stories and news to share with Lennox Headians.

In 2012 Remy decided she was ready to move on and, having done all the hard groundwork in establishing the magazine, offered The Lennox Wave to me saying: “I really want you to have it because I know you will keep it focused on the

I knew exactly what she meant. Keeping The Lennox Wave focused on the local community – and keeping it real – sits firmly at the heart of everything I do. It’s about the people, lifestyle and beautiful community we have created here.

To this day, nearly 14 years later, that passion and joy for where I live, and the community in which I live, has never waned. I love the people I get to meet through my work and day-to-day life. This is a special little corner of the world and I love
writing about it and sharing it with the rest of the community, and beyond.”

Helen has a BA Degree in Communications and English Literature, loves collecting stories and can be seen enjoying coffee at the many cafes in the local village.

Got a story? Got an awesome photo you would love to share? Get in touch with Helen!

About the Magazine 

The Lennox Wave is a full-colour, glossy, monthly magazine produced specifically for the residents and businesses of Lennox Head. Around 4000 copies are printed and distributed for free to every letterbox in Lennox Head in the first week of every month (except January), plus dropped off to key locations around the town.


The Lennox Wave welcomes contributions from individuals, community groups, charities, sporting associations, schools and businesses, and takes pride in the relationships it has with locals, striving to deliver news and updates about things that matter to the Lennox Head community. We give first priority to Lennox Head businesses for advertising space, and endeavour to support our local businesses in every way that we can.

All prices exclude gst. Combination package deals available. Contact Helen for all advertising enquiries.

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Wave Weekly

Wave Weekly is an offshoot of The Lennox Wave. It is an electronic newsletter, distributed for free via email every Tuesday, except for four weeks of the year at Christmas.