Lennox Head Residents’ Association—Final Meeting 2020

Our final meeting for 2020 on 7 December was attended by 16 members and Cr Cadwallader. 

Off-leash dogs. Reports are increasing of negative impacts on native wildlife on the coastal reserve between Sharpes Beach and Lennox Headland. Landcare volunteers described multiple incidents of dogs wandering unsupervised into the regenerated bushland and of wallabies being chased. These areas are designated as dogs-on-leash but require additional emphasis by way of signage, publicity and Ranger patrols to ensure dog owners are aware of their responsibilities.

New Residents’ Committee will be determined at the AGM on 1 March. Members with an interest in playing a key role in the direction of the Association are encouraged to consider a position. Contact details are below.

Seven Mile Beach, 4WDs and poor behaviour is an ongoing problem likely to escalate during summer. Inconsiderate driving continues to cause damage to the dunes, shellfish, nesting birds and turtles and poses danger to pedestrian beach users. The community is encouraged to contact Council Rangers on 6686 1210 or 1300 864 444 to report offensive or dangerous incidents, including vehicle descriptions. 

Community Planting Day at Lake Ainsworth will be held around March, hosted by the Association and co-ordinated by Landcare. Readers are invited to support this event, assisting with more local plants to help enhance and protect our Lake foreshores.

Lennox Markets Council has invited the Byron Bay Community Association to enter into a licence agreement for the management of the Lennox Head Community Market. 

A development application for a larger scale market of greater than 30 stalls at Williams Reserve, Lennox Head will also be prepared.

Sub Committees: Heritage Committee, Coast Care, Friends of Lake Ainsworth (FOLA) and Boomerang Bags reported a successful 2020, despite COVID challenges. Readers interested in the rewarding roles these friendly but focused groups hold in Lennox Head are encouraged to join them. Contact details below.

Upcoming meetings: Mondays 1 March (AGM), 5 April and 3 May 2021 from 7pm in the CWA Hall.

Feedback is encouraged by email to lhrainc@gmail.com or facebook at Lennox Head Residents’ Association.

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