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Since COVID there has been a massive resurgence of the mighty Toyota Landcruiser. The combination of reliability, functionality and old things being new again has seen so many of the older models being restored above and beyond their original condition. Old ‘Cruisers are becoming work trucks or adventure machines, this particular one really caught my attention. 

Make/Model – 2002 Toyota Landcruiser ute
Owner – Jake from Lennox
LW – This is far from a standard 70 Series Cruiser Jake, what have we got here.
Jake – Yeah, a client of ours was looking to sell it. I couldn’t resist as it is obviously very functional but also a good promotional vehicle. It had a very average gold paint job when I bought it and it needed a new windscreen, suspension, the list went on. I own TJM Ballina and Lismore so it became a great project for our mechanics who did a fabulous job. I then had it resprayed in satin black to match a few other cars in our fleet. It also has the rare upgraded engine, that was a bonus.
LW – How about the six wheel set up? 
Jake  – Definitely not standard, Toyota never made a 6 wheel option. Early in it’s life it’s original owner had it modified with the extra axle and longer tray, it’s really handy as it has a much bigger load capacity. Also it’s the main thing that gets conversations started. 
LW – Yes, the extra wheels set it apart for sure. How does it handle?
Jake – Not as good as you may think, the extra axle is floating so it’s not a six wheel drive. This can cause it to slip in the wet and mud, can be interesting.  
LW – Does it get driven much?
Jake – Yeah, nearly every day either myself or one of my staff has it going somewhere. We use it to transport spare parts between our suppliers and shops, very handy little truck. 
LW – So you’re hanging on to it for a while. 
Jake – No plan to sell it as it just fits our business so well but as they say, ‘everything is for sale for the right price’.
LW– Ha ha, yeah, fair enough. So we’ll see the old gal hauling freight for a while to come, thanks for sharing.
Jake – No worries. Thank you.

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