On Manopause, Nov 20

I was taught a valuable lesson the other day.  Apparently despite my best efforts, I’ve been hanging the washing incorrectly. At 21 years into my relationship, it became too much to endure and the truth came out.  

It started with sheets and towels. Started as helpful tips.  What started as suggestions ended up in a TED talk about how every item of washing had to be hung a particular way.  I’ve forgotten most of the ways in fairness and to be honest, I question the validity of the claim. I’ve been throwing items of clothing randomly at the clothes line for a long time and it’s never appeared as if my approach has had any negative connotations.

It made me surmise that if you’re in a long-term relationship you will deliberately set out to annoy your partner by doing things they can’t stand. Not only that, you’ll act indignant when they become annoyed. Further, if you can forget the ‘correct’ way of doing things a few times, you might end up winning or at the very least build the frustration further.

It’s the reason dirty plates and cups end up in some sort of pre-washing limbo in what I like to call the ‘washing up vicinity’. There is no vicinity, there’s the dishwasher and there’s not the dishwasher. I know it, she knows I know it. I keep doing it to garner a reaction, she keeps her cool in order to frustrate me more than I can frustrate her.  

Same applies for the kitchen tidy bag, which makes it to just outside the back door as opposed to all the way to the bin.  I have stepped over it in the past, tripped over it on other occasions. We all know where the bin is. Neither of us want to go there.  

Toilet rolls not changed, toothpaste squeezed in the wrong place, towels on the floor and that’s just the bathroom.  

Clothes which were meant to have been basketballed into the dirty washing basket, now lay discarded in some sort of dirty clothes crop circle. We’re all doing it. We know we’re doing it. More often than not our partners know were doing it just to annoy them.  

Its how long-term couples stay together so long. We cry innocence, we had no idea it was such an issue. Of course, we’re sorry, we’d never do anything deliberately to annoy our partners. 

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