Karlosophies, Nov 20

Five years ago, after a bit of a shaky but equally explosive start, I challenged myself to get a podcast episode out every week, without fail. 

Karlosophies launched in June of 2015 and was very well received. I hit the top of the business charts and was picked up by Apple and, by external measures, was an instant hit. It felt great, but was fleeting.

Life threw some shit my way in the months that followed. My Nanna died, my little one year old was sick for weeks, and I just ran out of steam. I started showing up less consistently, and then a client of mine said something that really hit home.

‘I trust you less when you say you’ll show up and you don’t’.

It triggered something in me. A curiosity to see if I could show up weekly regardless of what was going on in my life. And now, I’ve just ticked over 300 episodes. It’s been one big personal experiment. 

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Speaking up and sharing who you really are with the world isn’t a confidence thing. In fact, confidence is not required, if it was I’d never have started and I certainly would not have produced a weekly episode for over five years.

It’s a vulnerability thing. A willingness to expose yourself. To open yourself up for potential rejection or confrontation. And vulnerability is also deeply connected to courage. To me it feels courage and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. One doesn’t exist without the other.

I’ve discovered that confidence is a bi-product, not a prerequisite. It’s something that builds the more you stretch into the discomfort of being seen and heard, and all the potential consequences that you’ve learned may result.

So yeah, if you’re waiting for confidence, you’ll be eternally waiting. Time to let that little ditty go, and pick up your metaphorical (or literal) mic.

That saying ‘speak even when your voice shakes’ is the key. The voice is a muscle. It gets stronger by exercising it.

So stop waiting to feel confident and embrace the discomfort. Instead of silencing. Start speaking. See what happens.

And if you’d like to start using that voice of yours via a podcast, this is my jam. You can find me at karlynimmo.com or check out my podcast about podcasting; Rock Your Mic Right.

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