Home Alchemy, Oct 20

We all respond to energy and during our gestation and at our first breath, the energy around us is particularly influential.  Having absorbed this vibration, it becomes our natal chi or energy flow and when we align to this kind of energy throughout our lives, things run more smoothly, and we feel ‘in the zone’.

In Classical Feng Shui the Ming Gua Number or ‘Trigram of Fate’ is determined to calculate our auspicious and inauspicious directions based on the energy during our birth year. This is one aspect of Chinese Astrology however this approach to ‘astrology’ is actually based on an understanding of the energy of nature at a particular time, rather than constellations.

The Ming Gua numbers (of which there are eight possible options) are divided into two groups and the number then determines if you are considered either an East Life Group or a West Life Group person.

The East Life Group relates to the elements of Water, Wood and Fire, whilst the West life group relates to Metal and Earth.  The elements within each group are in harmony and create a productive cycle of change as opposed to a destructive one. 

The four auspicious directions are known as:

Sheng Chi – Generating Breath, Lively Spirit – The Prosperity Location

Tien Yi – Heavenly Healing – The Health Location

Yen Nien – Lengthened Years – The Longevity/Harmony Between People Location

Fu Wei – The Manifested Position – Clarity In Thinking

The four inauspicious directions are:

Liu Sha – Bad Luck – The Six Shar Location

Wu Kuei – Discord – The Five Ghosts Location

Chueh Ming – Severed Fate, Ruin, Death – The Death Location

Huo Hai – Accidents/Disaster – The Disaster Location

The more we face and align to our auspicious (favourable) directions, the better things will go for us. This information is not just personally useful, it also determines auspicious and inauspicious sectors within a home.  

There are many different ways to apply this information once you have it. Positively orienting your bed, doorways and stove or spending time in auspicious sectors can have a profound impact. A tangible example would be positioning your desk so you are sitting facing your ‘clear thinking direction’.  

The impact of inauspicious sectors (which are essential for overall yin/yang balance) can also be diminished. For example, if there is a toilet in the Lui Sha or Chueh Ming sector, this is seen as a ‘good’ thing.

Classical feng shui is a complex science and art. It is best to have a professional calculate your Ming Gua number, especially if you were born in the southern hemisphere.

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