Cars Of Lennox, 1985 BMW 323i

Classics are coming back but with their custom flair. Some of the younger generation have developed a passion for older cars and are doing them up with their own personal touches. This one is a real gem, a prestigious and sought-after car when it was new, it still has appeal, just different.

Make / Model – 1985 BMW 323i    Owner – Jordy

LW – Not your typical young blokes car Jordy, What’s the story?

Jordy – Being a mechanic I work on mostly newer cars and pretty much everything is plugging into computers and replacing parts. I wanted to get back into doing up a car and working on it. This is my project and outlet for that. 

LW – How did you decide on a mid 80’s BMW?

Jordy – It kind of happened organically. My dad owned this car for years, he bought it off a mechanic he knew. Dad kept it as his daily driver for a while then it just sat in his collection getting old. I bought it off him for a good price and now I’m making it my own as money allows. 

LW – So what’s been done so far?

Jordy – I’ve had it resprayed, new suspension, exhaust, wheels and tyres and fresh window tints. The next stage is mechanicals, I’m thinking a turbo for the engine and a few other little upgrades. It’s kinda never ending (laughs).

LW – That’s the truth, So does it get driven regularly? 

Jordy – More of a weekend car. I like to keep it locked away except for runs to events or a long cruise to get a coffee. I have a couple of other cars for everyday use. 

LW – So you’ll be hanging on to it for a while.

Jordy – Yeah, no plans to move it on. Being my dad’s old car I really just want to keep it in the family and keep working on it. 

LW – Fair enough. So it’s your only project car? 

Jordy – No, I’ve just picked up an old 4×4 ute that I’m about to turn into my camping/beach truck. More money and time (ha ha), I love it. 

LW – Well Jordy, thanks for sharing this motoring icon with us, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you around the streets of Lennox on sunny Sundays.

Jordy – Definitely. Many thanks. 

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