The Old Bag

I joined the search party for missing Belgian backpacker Theo. Our group was a small one and we walked the length of Broken Head Road up one side and down the other searching in the bush for any items belonging to him, which unfortunately we didn’t find. However, we did find an old bag. 

One of the volunteers said, ‘I can see a bit of a bag down there’. She went down the embankment and pulled a little backpack handbag out from the dirt with mud and tree roots all over it and flung the bag up to me. I knelt down, looked in and opened the purse still inside. There were credit cards, bank cards, licences, everything. 

I looked at the Medicare card, it said Julie Walsh, Jarrah Walsh, Bradie Walsh and Steve Walsh. I took a step back and said, ‘OMG this is my girlfriend’s handbag!’ 

I rang Julie who still lives here and she couldn’t believe it. She’d gone on a rare night out with the girls when her two children were very young and that night her handbag was stolen from the Lenno pub, 22 years ago. 

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