Real Eco Bags

Lennox Locals Jack and Brigid Chapman have changed direction and want the town to know about it.

Many of you may know Jack, a larger-than-life local who has been involved in various activities around town for the past 40 years. 

Jack is an amazing cook who has been doing the family shopping for years. So when the shops announced the end of single-use plastic bags he thought it was a great idea, but frustration soon set in.  

‘They’ve just replaced single-use plastic, with multi-use plastic’, he moaned. So he started searching for something more acceptable.  

The criteria were as follows:
Plastic free
100% natural fibres
Scrunch up to fit a few in a handbag
Strong enough to hold what the plastic bags held

Yet nothing ticked all the boxes. 

After a girls’ trip to Vietnam, Brigid came home and got the sewing machine out and sent off a prototype to a factory at Da Nang, run by a Anh Thi, A Buddist Mum who was keen to help the environment.

From there began the production of their Byron Eco Bags—bags that fit all the criteria they first outlined. 

The couple say that during their journey they have discovered just how urgent the plight of the environment and the ocean has become so they also decided to do something constructive and donate 10% of profits from Eco Bags to 

They have also started a Facebook page for Healthy Planet Now to educate people on what is really happening out there. They would love the Lennox Community to Join them and many others in Plastic Free July.

Check out their new Byron Eco Bags at The Lennox News Agency at the ‘locals price’ or tell your friends to go to

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