Landmarks of Lennox — Iron Peg

A silent sentinel at the tip of Rocky Point, Skennars Head, the current iron peg was installed in 1956.1

Protrusion of the peninsular there into deep water is ideal for fishing but extremely dangerous during rough seas, exposing it to easterly swells, with no way back for anglers.

In the 1930s a terrifying story is recorded of Tony Brown and ‘Chalky’ Rankin who were swept from the rocks, battered and bruised but fortunately washed into the beach.2 

Doris Myers said, ‘It is a dangerous area because the sea can appear so calm and suddenly you will hear this terrific roar and the sea will come up and drag any fisherman there into the sea’.3

With the can-do attitude of the era, a solution was identified. The first iron peg was lugged over the rocks and cemented in place for anglers to secure themselves, fishing in relative safety. That and subsequent pegs rusted away and have been replaced over the years by community minded persons. The site is now a topographical map reference point.

Surfers describe The Peg break as ‘rare’, warning it is ‘definitely for the experienced’ only.

In April 2019, an angler was swept from the site during heavy seas. Despite efforts of local surfers bringing the man to shore, he was unable to be revived.6 Our sympathies go to his family.

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