Kaye Adam is Ms July

Hairdresser, Makeup Artist and founder of the Lennox Weddings and Events Collective

Birthplace: Birmingham UK
Family: Husband Shane, son Blake (9) and daughter Kara (5) 
Star sign: Gemini (Cancer rising)
Favourite food: Thai chicken basil stirfry with coconut rice

Let’s hear big applause for the energiser bunny who is Kaye Adam. She’s got a new project and she’s passionate about it. Not only that, but she has the knack of engaging people and including them in her dream. 

Sure, it is a business idea, but it’s not based around Kaye getting what she wants: it’s based around a principle (quite rare in business circles these days, or ever) of everyone helping everyone to succeed.

It’s called the Lennox Weddings and Events Collective, and it brings together a range of businesses working broadly in the field, from traditional photographers, hairdressers, florists and celebrants to masseurs, gift sellers, event planners. In fact anyone who wants to make it work can join. This is the secret to the business: it’s inclusive, supportive and based upon Kaye’s favourite fundamental principle: ‘community over competition.’

Kaye and her committee plan to hold networking events, workshops to support new and existing businesses and anyone else who needs it. There will be regular promotional gigs, like the stunning recent Love Lennox display, and a range of other fabulous bonuses to members.

Kaye is from Birmingham in the UK and like so many of our cousins over there she fled the cold, wet, ‘dull’ life she had, where she says she felt disconnected from her world. She’d worked for several years as a hairdresser, and managed and trained workers for a respected Toni & Guy franchise. Yet she felt that there had to be something more to her life. So she took off and flew to LA. It was the beginning of that new life she’d craved.

She had a great time in the US, where she met other travellers, including an Australian guy and an Irish girl who would become life-long friends and eventually attend her wedding in Australia several years later.

After lots of plans and an around the world air ticket, Kaye found herself in Melbourne, once again working (with some old colleagues) for Toni & Guy. 

But it wasn’t the Australia she’d dreamed about.

‘I wanted to go north,’ says Kaye. ‘I wanted to see the amazing beaches and all those tropical places that we English imagine Australia will be. I looked on Lonely Planet and I saw Lennox Head, and I thought ‘that looks nice’, so we came to Lennox Head and stayed at the Backpackers with Graeme Dicker and I had some of the best days of my life. 

But it nearly didn’t happen. Kaye was out of money and out of ideas about how she could stay in Australia. My girlfriend and I said to each other, if we can’t clean for bond, we’ll have to go home, and only a few hours before we booked our flights, Graeme gave us the OK. 

There’s been a lot of water under the bridge for Kaye since then. She married an Aussie, became a mother and started her own hair and makeup business. Over the years she says she has followed her gut, and been led by her desire to connect with and help others.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love the connection and communication with others. We’ve lost a lot of that these days in our digital world.

Worst thing?

Managing people can be a challenge. Explaining the business model can also be a bit tricky. Because it’s evolving.

Hobbies? gym, beach, walking, swimming, hanging with my family, wellness and spiritual side of life

Work Life philosophy? I’ve pushed myself too far in the past and now I’ve learned to balance everything.

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