Home Alchemy, July 2019

Sometimes going away is a great way to come home. I’ve been pondering this since recently attending a winter wellness weekend. The retreat was held near Uki. Physically, not too far away but in many ways it could have been anywhere in the world.

To my surprise the concept of home was actually a big theme of the retreat. From coming home to our bodies through yoga and movement, to being at home in the season of winter through nourishing meals and self care routines/rituals that have warming, grounding and moisturising effects. We explored home from all directions.

We had extended periods of silence for inner reflection, particularly around the idea of knowing ourselves and loving ourselves. There was also time to connect with each other.  As the retreat unfolded so did the magic around how we’d been drawn together. In a very short time, we actually came home to each other, easily sharing and diving to great depths around our life experiences, wishes and dreams.

Given the right environment, I believe this is a very natural thing for women to do, especially since we have been gathering in circles essentially since we began walking upright.  However, we had a collective ‘aha’ moment when one of the ladies shared an article titled Are you a Kindrovert?

Before any of us heard more there was almost a collective sigh of relief accompanied by a squeal of joy  Or maybe that was just in my head? Either way, there was a definite acknowledgement that we were ‘kindroverts’, even though we didn’t really know what it meant.

As it turns out the term ‘kindrovert’ was coined in the book Freedom Seeker by Beth Kempton and refers to someone who is neither an extrovert nor introvert but thrives in the company of kindred spirits. Someone who happily listens as well as shares. Someone who comes alive in real conversations and would rather dive deep than talk about nothing. It so beautifully described what we had all been experiencing throughout the retreat.

Having this tangible experience of homecoming on so many levels cemented the idea that going away, even for a short time can be a really powerful way to return to yourself. 

If you need a fresh perspective on things, going away even for a day, may just help you find it.

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