Esja—Guiding And Supporting Women

Singer, pianist, teacher, events manager, award-winning artist and mother of two, Anna Honeychurch, is as capable, creative and determined as they come.

But her journey has been far from a breeze. Like so many women, Anna has had her ups and downs. She’s experienced a difficult separation and divorce, health issues, the death of her mother and the ensuing grief, and even domestic violence.

Charting the way along her life’s journey has taken her low and high.

‘I’ve been in that place of bliss,’ she says. ‘I’ve felt that feeling of complete fulfilment and happiness. But I can’t say I’ve managed to always stay there. I think a lot of my learning has come through the process of finding my way back to that place.’

While Anna admits she might not always have all the answers to personal happiness, she does believe she has the tools to help others start the journey. 

It was her desire to bring her knowledge and share it with other women that inspired Anna to start her business Esja.

‘The word ‘esja’ is Nordic and means best friend, and it’s also a mountain range in Iceland,’ she says.

‘So the Esja business is about helping women reach their highest place, and fulfil all their needs.’

Anna has developed a program based upon a life wheel that has 10 areas of focus ranging from family and friends to career, health, spirituality and community engagement. She is involving a range of professionals to help her deliver programs and informal events to anyone who wants to take the Esja journey.

Anna has worked as a mental health music therapist for several years with OnTrack Community Programs, now named The Momentum Collective as well as overseas in Solomons with the   Women and Children’s Care Initiative (WACCI) assisting women and children dealing with domestic violence. She also currently co-runs The Material Girls choir for women in Bangalow. 

Her inaugural event is Finding Your Life Balance. See her ad on page 8 and Find out more at

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