Cars Of Lennox, July 2019

Make / Model – 2016 Nissan 370z convertible

Owner – Stanton from Precision Painting Lennox

I’ve seen this modern classic around town and was keen to track down the owner, this was clearly a car with a story, I’ve never seen a 370z like it.

LW  – OK Stanton, let us know what we have here?

Stanton – A few years ago I was having a mid life crisis and needed a sports car. I had a vision of a metallic white one with my own custom painting touches. I searched the country and the only white one for sale was in Dandenong Victoria. I flew down to Melbourne, made my way across the city, bought it and had heaps of fun driving it home. 

LW –Sounds great, no better way to get to know a car than an instant road trip. Tell us about your custom touches. 

Stanton  – The main ones are the custom wheels and pearl baby blue highlights. I found the wheels and had Byron Smash Repairs do the paint. I’m really happy how it turned out. Everyone has an opinion, people either love it or hate it. Either way it turns heads.

LW –  Works for me. So did it sort out your mid life crisis? 

Stanton – Yes, it did! I it helped me find my now partner.

LW – Nice one! So does the car have a name? And what’s the story with personal plates?

Stanton – Yeah, it’s been nicknamed either Lollipop or Bubblegum depending on who you ask. The number plate STAN001 is obviously my name along with the James Bond 00 influence but most people see it as STAN.. oooh… Not what I had in mind. 

LW – What’s the future plan? Selling or keeping?

Stanton – I’ve had a lot of fun but I’m not using it nearly enough, so I’ve got to get it on the market. There are various listings on the usual websites if anyone is keen.

LW – Now we know it works to pick up the ladies maybe there is another guy keen to give it a run? Thanks for sharing your car’s story, good luck with the sale. 

Stanton – Thanks for having us, if you help sell it there is a commission case of beer coming to The Lennox Wave office for sure! 

LW – Awesome, we’ll remind you of that when we see the new owner driving it around town.

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