Meerkids Move In

The Tuesday after Easter saw a full house for the inaugural Meerkids Active Kids program at Xavier college. 

The program was built to be to offer kids and their parents some options over the holidays to keep the kids active physically, mentally and socially. 

This is the first time Movement Functional Fitness has offered their unique Meerkids program, and it was booked out. 

Those lucky enough were able to participate in several different workshops including soccer, basketball, problem solving, arts and creativity and a unique positive mental health workshop.

The day saw the kids enjoying the workshops with plenty of fresh produce supplied by Jordans Fresh Food in between breaks. 

The feedback from parents and kids was incredibale with kids leaving saying things like: ‘I made a new friends today’, ‘Can we come back tomorrow?’ and ’Do we have to leave?’. There were even kids swapping parent’s business cards to arrange ‘hangs’.

Be sure to keep an eye out for when the camp dates are announced for the July holidays as it seems Meerkids Acive Kids could become one of the most sought after school holiday programs around. And the best thing is it’s right in our backyard. Yay Meerkids!

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