Lennox Longboarders, May 19

On Sunday 14 April at Lennox Main we were met with a metre wave on the sets, onto a sandbank, going into a low tide with off shore winds all round. 

36 members fronted up to surf a really enjoyable morning session, and conditions lasted for both rounds.

Standout longboarding came from Tommy Steele (pictured), displaying the art of nose-riding (10 over the nose) with style. And the return of Aaron Smith (past Club champion 2017) carving up these waves with awesome turns with noseriding.

In the Ladies Emily Simmonds relished these conditions.

We welcomed five new ladies into our ranks: Lee Middleton, Jane Birch, Reggie Grew-Mc Elligott, Fiona Duncan and Jess Owen.

The Junior Grommetts again had a surf expression session at the halfway point, putting Smiles on their dials.

Vouchers From our Sponsor Lennox Surf went to Grant Ryan and Tasman Cahill.

Brekkie on the BBQ was prepared by Rob Rye. 

And water pictures taken by Craig Leete, always thankful for these water Shots. Thanks goes to George Leslie for his tallier effort. Next Club round scheduled for Sunday 12 May.


1sts. 1. Aaron Smith. 2. Tom Steele. 3. Terry Kay. 4. Jake Ryan. 5. Lee Middleton. 6. Tasman Cahill.

2nds. 1. Rob Rye. 2. Matt Durkin. 3. Jane Birch. 4. Grant Ryan 5. Brendon Cahill. 6. Nathan Mckenzie (1st Round Only)

3rds. 1. Craig Leete. 2. James Foster. 3. Andrew Thomas. 4. Jess Owen. 5. Nick Mitchell. 6. Eleanor Robertson.

4ths. 1. Emily Simmonds. 2. Greg Gover. 3. Roz Brown. 4. Angus Gover. 5. Reggie Grew. 6. Jim Baker (1st Round Only).

5ths. 1. Andrew Wafer. 2. Veronica Silver. 3. Celine Walsh. 4. Una Durkin. 5. Heather Reynolds. 6. Peter Briggs.

6ths. 1.Adele Purbrick. 2. Damian Anderson. 3. Fiona Duncan. 4. Ron Crowther. 5. Liz Peterson. 6. Annabelle Gover (1st Round Only)

Cheers in surfing.

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