Lennox Head Residents’ Association, May 19

Our April Fools Day meeting engaged 20 members, 15 visitors, and Crs Sharon Cadwallader and Jeff Johnson. 

Residents’ Association at Love Lennox Saturday 1 June. This year, with thanks to Council’s Community Donations scheme, our location will be highlighted by the new marquee complete with our logos, all topped by a splendid image donated by Julian Jett. Friends of Lake Ainsworth, Coast Care and Boomerang Bags will be there, with the Heritage Committee’s photographic display and more in the Community Centre foyer. Come along, we would love to meet you and share our activities.

4WD damage on Seven Mile Beach to the dunes, beach and breeding grounds of birds and wildlife is alarming. Landcare has identified affected birdlife including pied oystercatchers and rainbow bee-eaters whose nesting patterns are disturbed. Reduced pipi numbers, long attributed to overfishing, is now believed to be the result of vehicle compacted sand. Seven Mile is the first beach south of Queensland with permits so suffers the impact of adverse human behaviour. Deep tyre tracks and severely churned sand destroy the intertidal zone and also create danger for pedestrian beach users. 

One-way traffic trial in Ballina Street, Park and Rayner Lanes. Fifteen Rayner Lane representatives and business operators attended as visitors to raise their concerns relating to reversed direction of traffic flow in Rayner Lane, motor vehicle crashes, confusion for those not familiar with the trial, difficulty in accessing disabled parking and reduction in impulse shopping in Ballina Street. Cr Cadwallader requested residents to make submissions and participate in Council’s survey. The Association undertook to communicate concerns to Council requesting a forum. 

Lake Ainsworth survey results conducted by Hydrosphere relating to use and condition of the Lake are available at https://www.hydrosphere.com.au/lakeainsworth. 

Upcoming meetings: Mondays 6 May, 3 June and 1 July 2019 from 7pm in the CWA Hall.

Feedback is encouraged by email to lhrainc@gmail.com or facebook at Lennox Head Residents’ Association.

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