Le-Ba Wrap, May 19

Wrapup of March round 

LeBa finally got a senior club round done and dusted to kick off the 2019 season this month in pumping north wall surf. Some amazing surfing went down in the favourable conditions and there was some real progressive manoeuvres on display with a couple of competitors taking to the air. With the entire junior division from last year opting to take the huge step to compete in the opens this year there was a real buzz in the water. It was fantastic to see the next generation take on the established champions in the Club and although the opens final was filled with the usual suspects. Nyxie Ryan, Jai Glindeman and Rino Lindsay put up a good show against the likes of Adam Melling, Jake Murray and Mikey McDonagh but found the step up a big one on this occasion. James Wood continued his scintillating form from last year and was pretty much unbeatable in the opens final. 

The full results were: 


1st Dembe Ryan

2nd Harry o’Brien

3rd Max McGillivray

4th Bryn Walshaw


1st Ben Sattler

2nd odin Green

3rd Ben Beasley

4th Rhian Slapp


1st Jake Baker

2nd Glenn Curtis

3rd Sandro Neto

4th Sean Reynolds


Antony Bates

2nd Steve Kearney

3rd Chris White

4th Dion Oakman


1st James Wood

2nd Adam Melling

3rd Jack Murray

4th Mikey McDonagh

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