Karlosophies, May 19

Most of my life I’ve been striving to get somewhere. Where ‘somewhere’ was, I’m not exactly sure. I just knew it was somewhere other than where I was. Most of my life I’ve felt like I didn’t fit in. Like I didn’t belong anywhere. And most of my life I’ve felt like I’ve fallen short. Nothing I did ever worked. I was a bit of a failure. Everything I touched turned to shit. 

Recently, things have really started to shift for me. The failure story feels like it’s behind me. I’m doing work I love, with people whom I respect and admire with a full book of coaching and podcasting clients. Later this year I’m adding ‘international speaker’ to my CV when I head to Atlanta to speak at the world’s biggest conference for women podcasters (and those who identify as female). And we just moved into a place of our very own in Lennox Head (after 16 years wishing we could get into the market). 

There’s a lot to celebrate right now. And traditionally I, like many of us, are pretty shit celebrators. Before I’ve even given myself a chance to sit in that space, my eyes are focussed on ‘what’s next?’

That’s pretty common, right? How often do you allow yourself to be where you are and be content with that?

The self-help space is full of people who want you to dream bigger, keep striving and whatever you do, avoid mediocrity at all costs. 

For me, all that approach did was made me feel shit about myself and in this perpetual cycle of feeling disappointed. It was just never enough. I’d get to ‘the destination’ and realise ‘oh crap, I’m still me’. For some reason I believed the dream body, or fame, or fortune, or *insert anything you feel is out of your reach that would bring you satisfaction*, would change me into someone I liked. But wherever I went, there I was.

The biggest shift for me has been in practicing self acceptance. All the things I’ve spoken about over the past few months. Going gently on myself. Becoming the observer. Getting to know myself. Cultivating self awareness. It’s all now leading me to a place where I am not only comfortable in my skin but also content (actually, it’s more than ‘content’) with where I am emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, intellectually and occupationally. 

Who would have thought mediocrity could be so joyful?

My invitation for you this month is to ask yourself what you have that is worth celebrating right now? And can you allow yourself to soak in that for a few moments, or more. 

What we have now… where we are now… who we are now… is somethings/somewhere/someone you once wanted to have/do/be. Now, go sit in that for a moment. 🙂

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