Home Alchemy, May 19

In times of great change and uncertainty, our homes are becoming one of the more constant and reliable aspects of daily life. As such, creating a home for the heart is not just a lofty ideal. It could well be one of the most important steps you take to support yourself and family to thrive in modern life.

‘Like a supportive friend, a home for and from the heart embraces you the moment you walk through the door. You can practically hear the walls saying: ‘Welcome! Sit down and relax. Be yourself here.’ Robin Lennon

Cultivating this kind of feeling in a home comes firstly from understanding your needs and preferences and secondly from having the courage to listen to and follow your intuitive guidance.

When considering your needs and preferences, it can be useful make two lists; one for physical requirements and one for your energetic/emotional requirements. In most cases you will already have the physical requirements functioning (at least to some degree) in your home. So unless there is anything there that really needs adjusting the majority of focus will be on the energetic side. To explore this further you could ask yourself ‘what energy best supports me and what energy will support the person I hope to become?’

If you find these too broad, you can explore the same questions in more depth from your senses…what colours support me, what scents, what sounds, what textures etc? Armed with this information you can then go on a treasure hunt around your home as most likely you are already surrounded by everything you ‘need’.

Having defined and collected the ingredients for a home for your heart, then it is just a matter of allowing you intuition to guide you regarding the placement and distribution of your energetic soul support. Ideally you will have a balanced expression of each aspect throughout different areas of your home. By experimenting and taking chances (trusting your sixth sense) you learn what is right for you. Even the most subtle changes, implemented with a positive intention can make a difference.

Creating a home for your heart is a creative process that manifests in an external celebration of you who are or who you are becoming. Embracing the journey can be just as rewarding as receiving the results.

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