Enova Celebrates

It is three years since Enova Energy switched on its very first customer in June 2016.

Enova claims to be a new type of electricity provider: ‘a social enterprise taking action on climate change while giving back to communities.’ 

Owners say, ‘Enova has struck a chord with a new generation of people also keen to help the planet and their community.’

Enova made history in 2016 as Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer. It now has over 1600 shareholders and an impressive customer base. 

The company provides jobs for over 20 people in the Northern Rivers, while also using the services and products of many local suppliers. 


Under Enova’s charter it will give back 50% of profits (after tax and reinvestment) to community renewable energy projects, energy education and energy efficiency.

Some of the projects it has helped include facilitating solar panels for low income homes. Enova has also launched a solar garden project that aims to help renters and others locked out of rooftop solar to invest in memberships of panels at a solar garden site to receive electricity bill credits.


The company has been busy piloting an innovative microgrid project in the Byron Bay Arts and Industrial Estate, in partnership with Essential Energy, and is supporting the southern NSW towns of Albury and Wodonga to keep profits for their own community – fulfilling Enova’s goal of helping Australian communities become self-sufficient in supplying their own energy needs and helping money to stay local rather than be spent on far-away retailers.

Enova can already retail electricity throughout all of regional NSW and marketing efforts will soon step up to let the rest of the state know about us. It also has expansion plans to move into Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, as well as Victoria, South Australia and Southern Queensland.

Enova is proud to be a leading change maker in the energy field and would like to thank all of the Lennox Head residents and businesses who have supported them in their journey so far. ‘Thank you for caring about the type of world we are leaving behind for generations to come.’

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