Dog Of The Month, Blossom

Dog’s Name – Blossom  

Breed – Golden Retriever

Age – I can only guess I’m 12-13 because I hadn’t had a b’day before I was rescued. Now we celebrate my rescue day as my b’day

Owner(s) – I own 2 humans, Kym and John (aka the tall guy) Langill. They’re generally well trained. I also have a mutual love affair (co-dependency) with Scott, but he also answers to Uncle Biz. Nan and Pa are also pretty cool in a thunder storm. 

Nickname(s) – Blossy Boo, but sometimes the tall guy calls me Stinky. I don’t know what that’s about. Uncle Biz calls me Fluffy Puppy. It’s all very confusing. 

Best Friend(s) – Uncle Biz, hands down. He’s a treat machine and makes up songs about me all the time. 

Favourite Food – People food. Uncle Biz’s curried sausages are awesome. 

Favourite thing to do – Sleeping. Approaching complete strangers for a pat and occasionally sneaking out of the houseand taking myself for walks around the neighbourhood. If there was a dog Olympics for wave surfing, I’d be representing Australia. 

If you weren’t a dog, what animal would you be and why?
A human because they can reach everything on the kitchen table and know how to open the fridge. That must be so cool. 

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