Come Play Yoga

Heidi Lampard has a truly North Coast story. 

She grew up on her family’s fxarm in Tullera, just outside of Lismore. Her mum, she says, was always ‘a seeker’, who lives an alternative lifestyle.

‘I was born into it, and I never really knew anything different in my early years. It just seemed like the way to live, and I’ve followed that way ever since. For that, I’m truly grateful.’

These days Heidi is a qualified Holistic Health Coach. It’s a qualification she earned at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

‘It was just so amazing to learn from the best on an international stage. I felt like it was so right for me, like a coming home and it’s been a big influence on everything I’ve done since.’

She works with clients in areas of physical/emotional/mental health, food, nutrition, and life goals, encouraging practices of mindfulness and whole body holistic wellness. It’s an intimate, special practice designed to help people create a fulfilled, happy life that works for them.

‘There are those things in life that are like medicine to our soul, they make us feel whole. They are good for us, and we all need to know what they are. For me, it is yoga, always has been.’

Although Heidi has always practiced yoga, last year she decided she wanted to teach it.

This is the other big part of Heidi’s life: her yoga practice brings her back to herself. 

‘I just want to share my yoga joy with others’, she says. ‘It’s brought so much to my life that I want to be of service and give back to others through my teaching. I find when I’m teaching I have this energy, no matter what’s going on for me. I can be tired, or slightly off, but yoga always connects me to something beyond myself, and makes me feel whole.’

Heidi studied with Creature Yoga in Byron Bay to gain her Yoga teaching certification and now offers yoga classes in Lennox Head three times a week at Lennox Sanctum.

Heidi says she lives and breathes the teachings of yoga throughout every aspect of her life. She brings her individual style and personality -— playful, open minded, nurturing and calm — to traditional yoga practice. 

Everyone is welcome at her yoga classes, all levels, ages and experience. Mats and props are supplied. Classes are on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm and Saturday mornings at 8am. See Heidi’s ad on page 5.


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