Cars Of Lennox, May 19

Cars Of Lennox Head 

Make / Model – 1968 Dune Buggy

Owner – Hippy from Lennox Motors

This car has caught my eye on a few occasions, I tracked down its owner and we went crusin’ Lennox 1970s style. 

I now want one.

LW  – This is something very different, what do we have here Hippy?

Hippy – This is a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle turned into a Beach Buggy. They where quite common in the 1970s and 80s but you hardly see them any more. Really simple design, back in the day you’d buy an old Beetle and a buggy kit and if you had a bit of mechanical knowledge you could build them in your garage. Being a Volkswagen frame, essentially you have a Beetle with a fibreglass buggy body. Easy to work on and super light, only 520kg, so if you get stuck you can grab a few people, lift it up and move it. 

LW – So it’s registered as a VW Beetle?

Hippy  – Yes, all the running and mechanical components are a Beetle. Plenty of power due to the weight and the twin exhausts make a great sound.
It drives like a big go kart.  

LW –  Does it go on the beach?

Hippy – Absolutely! It gets along easy. My plan is to use it on the beach a lot. Go up the far end and hang out with my missus and the dog, swim, fish and just have fun.

LW – How did you come to own it?

Hippy – I heard about a guy in Lismore that had it in his shed, one of those ‘one day’ projects that he never got to. It was rough but I got it for a good price knowing I could work on it, this was about three years ago. Finally, this summer I got it registered, it’s now my toy, I love it. 

LW – Yep. I can see the appeal, it really turns heads and is a hoot to drive around in, I assume you’re keeping it for a while?

Hippy – Definitely, too much fun. I’ve had people offer me good money for it already but there is no way I’m going to sell it. I’d struggle to find another one. 

LW – Thanks for chatting with us, it’s always great to get to know the story behind the car and its owner. We will be sure to wave next time we see you cruising through town or up the beach. 

Hippy – Yeah, definitely, I’ll wave back for sure. 

NOTE – Hippy (Craig) and a few other locals are in the process of putting together a Lennox based car club called the Lennox head Machinery club. If you are interested in joining or want more info call into Lennox Motors or keep and eye out for their display in the Community Centre car park at the Love Lennox Festival. 

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