Body Talk, May 19

We are What We Believe

This month I’m going to go out on a limb and say, ‘We are what we believe’. 

Our minds and our bodies are far superior to anything science has ever given us credit for. If science can’t prove it then the academics dismiss it as not true. I dispute that.

How often do you hear about people having miraculous recoveries from a terminal diagnosis? How often do we hear of superhuman feats or see people transform from a seemingly hopeless situation to become a pillar of health and success? 

The mind and the body combined are so much more than we are led to believe. Think about this: every 120 days (the period of cell mitosis) every cell in our bodies is regenerated and replaced by a new one, and that includes our DNA. So, if our mindset is positive that we are changing for the better and we tell ourselves that then we will see change.

Everything we think should be positive, dispell any negative thoughts and discard anything that has been said that doesn’t fit with your positive view of yourself going forward. When you only use positives in thought or voice it goes straight to your subconscious and is what we call autosuggestion. 

Examples are, when you look at your body don’t think ‘I’m putting on weight’, think, ‘I’m going to lose weight and this is what I want my body to look like’. 

Believe what you think and your body will change.

I’ve met lots of people that are old in their 30s and 40s and I’ve met lots of people that are young in their 70s. It’s up to us. Think ‘I’m doing great, I’m healthy and happy and looking forward to a long active and vital life’.

Apply this principle to everything in your life and watch the changes. Be grateful for where we are and every day of our lives, be what you want to be, do what you want to do, love yourself and love your life and, above all else, smile a lot, it’s easy.

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