Karlosophies, April 2019

We all experience self-doubt. We all wonder if we’re enough. We all struggle with exactly the same stuff. Sometimes it shows up a little bit differently person to person, but it’s all the same. Some people can get over themselves and create. While others are paralysed by indecision, procrastination and a lack of self-belief. 

What you think you lack isn’t stopping you from having/doing or being who and what you want. There are people in this world who have success, AND who are lazy, full of self doubt, procrastinators, who don’t have all their shit together. 

If those people can have what you want, then you can have it too. Everybody is screwed up in some way or another. You don’t need to be any different from who you are right now in order to have success. You just need to be clear on what ‘success’ means to you then go about creating it (and side note: you’re probably way more successful than you’ve given yourself credit).

All of that ‘I can’t have, or do, or be … because I’m lazy/ I procrastinate/ I’m not smart enough/ pretty enough/ rich enough/ successful enough, etc’ is just noise going on between our ears. It doesn’t even exist outside of our own heads. So let’s just lighten up on ourselves a little. 

Know that we don’t need to be somewhere specific in order to take action. We start where we are, with what we have, and who we are. We don’t have to wait until we are perfect, the conditions are right, or the path is clear. Those who have the greatest success in life pave their own path. They are willing to enter uncharted territory, and believe me, they feel the fear.

If there’s something that you want to have/do/be, you can have it now. Not after you’ve done the work on yourself or gotten over your insecurities. Now. What is for you is not going to go by you whether you act, or not. But life is more fun and enriching and fulfilling when we are expressing ourselves creatively in some way, whether that is podcasting, like me, or speaking, writing, dancing, singing, art, science, coding. Whatever it is, our life is more fulfilled when we embrace the things we love, rather than deny ourselves due to the fear that we are inadequate.

You are off the hook. You don’t need to be anyone else. You don’t need to be more special than you already are. You don’t even need to be free of your self-doubt in order to make your life more enriched, fulfilled, and fun. So what are you going to do about it?

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