Cracking Down On The Dumpers

Thank you, to those in the Ballina Community who are taking action to report illegal dumping in the shire. This is helping Council staff to deal with dumping incidents more quickly, which minimises additional dumping at the same spot and also makes it more likely that those responsible will be identified and fined.  

The most common place to find illegally dumped waste is on our kerbsides and reserves. The dumping of unwanted household items such as mattresses, white goods and furniture accounts for up to 60 percent of all reported incidents. 

Rachael Jenner, Environmental Health Officer at Ballina Shire Council said ‘There still seems to be a common belief that leaving unwanted items, particularly furniture on the kerbside is okay because someone else will take it, but it’s not okay and you can be fined. Instead consider the ways that you can dispose of unwanted household items with care’. 

• Take your items to the Ballina Waste Management Centre, where many are accepted for free including e-waste, light bulbs and tubes, household and car batteries, gas bottles and fire extinguishers, motor oil and household oils, water and oil- based paints and smoke detectors.
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• Give away unwanted items to friends or family, host your own swap party or take part in the north coast’s biggest annual garage sale 

• Try selling or giving away unwanted items via online platforms such as Gumtree, eBay or the local Facebook Buy/ Swap/Sell group

• Donate unwanted (saleable only) items to a local charity but please don’t dump at op-shops. If it’s not saleable it will cause unnecessary cost and work for volunteers to dispose of it to landfill. Just think – if you wouldn’t buy it, probably no one else will!

We can all crack down on dumping by disposing of our unwanted household stuff responsibly and by reporting any dumping of waste directly to Council on 1300 864 444 or via

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