Murray’s Metaphors

It’s all about what you focus on!

I remember an afternoon last summer down at the beach with our dog Ruby. She loves to swim. The smile on her face as she paddles about tends to make me happy at the same time.

Ruby, a red-heeler (aka Australian cattle dog) has never really played all that well with other dogs. You could say that she tolerates them most of the time, but I’m always looking over my shoulder for those little white fluffy ones that she just loves to chase. She thinks it’s a game and loves to assert her dominance whilst I get embarrassed as the owner gives me that Keep your crazy dog on a lead look.

However, I have learnt a strategy that is 100% Ruby proof — a stick!

Ruby is stick-obsessed and loves to play fetch. When I hold that stick and wave it slowly in front of her from left to right, her eyes are focused on it like a laser beam.

On that particular summer’s afternoon two families were on the beach with their five little white fluffies and of course they all came charging towards Ruby. ‘Never mind,’ I said to myself, ‘I have my stick’ as I held it high just out of Ruby’s reach.

Those little white mutts surrounded her and barked incessantly for her attention, but Ruby didn’t even acknowledge them. She was like a statue of red stone. Surely she must have heard the high pitched annoying yapping? However, she didn’t even seem to see or smell them. She just stayed stubbornly focussed on what she wanted – The stick! 

It wasn’t long before the mob grew tired and charged away blissfully unaware. And of course I threw Ruby her stick! She plunged through the waves after it, in total bliss!

Ruby’s positive focus on the stick avoided what might have been a nasty incident and instead created a happy outcome for all of us.

As everyone knows, there is always something to learn, and I wonder, are you focussed on what you want or on what you don’t want?

Either way your choice will determine your outcome. 

It’s all about what you focus on wouldn’t you agree?

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