Lennox Longboarders, Feb 2019

Wrapup of our first Club round for 2019. The February round was held on Sunday 10 February at Lennox Main Beach.

At our first club sign-on day for this season we had 25 individuals and families signing up. 

A big welcome to all the new members coming on board in 2019.

24 surfed the round in trying Lennox Main waves, two to four foot, chunky at times, with in-coming tide, but a very straight sand bank, making the waves difficult to get a good run.

We surfed the first rounds only due to a Surf Club alert of two sharks coming our way. So unfortunately we had an abrupt stop to our round.

But before the shark call was the first of many more this year’s Junior / Grommets surf on the foreshore waves.

The Groms loved it, competing against each other, but having heaps of fun.

Standout Longboarding for the seniors was Rob Rye and newcomers Tom Steele and Jackson Cochrane.

Following results are the first rounds only

1sts. Andrew Thomas. Tom Steele. Jackson Cochrane. Rob Rye.

2nds. Matt Durkin. Greg Gover . James Foster. Nick Mitchell.

3rds. Veronica Silver. Eleanor Robertson. Jake Ryan. Troy Ryden.

4ths. Terry Kay. Una Durkin. Darin Nobbs. Bob Mills.

5ths. Jim Baker. Andrew Smith. Will Petrie. Tom Silver.

6ths. Adele Purbrick. Damian Anderson. Meg Smith. Grant Ryan.

Junior Results.

1st. Celia. 2nd Mikey. 3. Vinnie. 4. Pat. 5. Zoe 6. Keo

Next Club Round Sunday March 10.

Cheers, In surfing

Club Secretary, Wayne Booth.


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