Lennox Head Public School, Feb 2019

School Captains and SRC Executive

The hall suddenly erupted into dramatic applause and cheers of happiness as the school captains and vice captains were announced. Up on the stage stood Maddie, Keenan, Jimmy and Miah – our school leaders. Their mums and dads jumped up and started cheering, running up to pin the badges onto their kids shirts. It was mayhem with lots of smiles.

Then, the SRC executive was announced. It was hard to hear their names over the cheers. Congratulations to Maverick, Jacob, Ava and Kahlila for being voted in.

We are very lucky to have such an excellent team of leaders representing us.

By Lilian 

Kindergarten’s First Day

Kindergarten bravely entered Lennox Head Public School on Monday 4 February 2019, with positive attitudes and huge smiles on their faces. Their teachers, Mrs Dyer, Mrs Cork, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Richardson had lots of great learning activities set up for them to enjoy. They have settled into school life well with many kindergarten children being heard exclaiming how much they love ‘big school’. William from Yr 5 said their faces looked like kids opening their first Christmas presents on Christmas morning. We hope they enjoy their time at Lennox Head Public School and we will continue to make them feel very welcome.

By William and Kai.

School Swimming Carnival 2019

Bang! goes the gun, the crowd erupts, hearts are racing and with a great burst of energy the swimmers dive off the blocks. 

This was the atmosphere witnessed by students, parents and teachers at the brand new Ballina Pools last week. Lennox Head Public School held their first swimming carnival at the new pool with students from many different ages competing in the event. There were tales of success with lots of students exclaiming that it was the best one yet!

The carnival was well coordinated by the teachers involved, and consisted of six events for each age group. The competition was electric, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. The presence in the stands, with sporting house cheers and crowd encouragement, made the day exciting and fun. 

Congratulations to all the kids who made it to District.

By Ava, Ashlea and Evie. 


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