Lennox Head Preschool, Feb 2019

Welcome to all our families of 2019. We have some new faces, some returning faces and some long time families whose youngest siblings finally get to attend (after years of waiting).

We’re off to a cracker start to the year already.

We have been to the Fire Station to lean about fire safety and the role of our amazing fire fighters within our community. This lead to us discussing and learning the emergency procedures at Preschool and practise of our first emergency drill for the year. Thank you Lennox Head Fire Station and its volunteers for welcoming us into the Station and sharing your knowledge with us!

We had our first excursion to the library for the year to visit the fabulous Mrs Blair at the Primary School. Mrs Blair helped us to learn what is in the library and what we can use it for, how to care for books and what we do with our library bag. Our connections with the Primary School support our Preschool children to enhance their belonging within the broader context (seeing ourselves as an individual and seeing ourselves within the systems around us. Our contribution and belonging to family, school and the community we live in.)

We have been creating connections with our new peers, teachers and educators as well as exploring our new environment and its routines and expectations.

Our calendar is quickly filling up with lots of exciting activities this year and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

We would like to thank and welcome our new Management for 2019. As a community not-for-profit organization we are governed by this management and without them we could not operate. We thank these volunteers, both current and past parents and value their contribution and look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Did you know? At the beginning of each of our group sessions we show respect to our traditional custodians with an acknowledgement of country. ‘I raise my hands to the sky that covers mother earth. I place my hands on the ground in care of mother earth. I place my hands on my heart in love of mother earth. We would like to show our respect to the Bundjalung people who lived here yesterday, who live here today and who will love here tomorrow.’

New Preshool update: Ben Franklin and the Education Minister have made the official announcement towards committing the government funding necessary for our new centre. The Council has committed land to the new service and we are now waiting on the development of this area before we can commence the build! Exciting times ahead for our fast growing community! See page 17.

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