Lennox Head Lions Club, February 2019

How many of you recall the wacky catchphrase aimed at promoting Lions last year ‘We are more than just a sausage’?

Well, I was thinking about it just this morning and you know what? It’s true. Over the years, Lennox Lions has been involved in a very wide spread of activities aimed at fundraising for community needs. We have had on occasion, a number of individuals and groups who have given their time and joined us to help raise the funds they need. 

But it is not always about fundraising for us. We have promoted art activities through the art show/peace posters, good citizenship in our local schools through prizes we award as just a couple of examples. There are many.

At a recent market you would have noticed a young helper on our stall. Mia Hoey, from Emmanuel Anglican College has committed herself to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and she attended one of our meetings to ask for our help. 

This scheme is for young people in their mid to late teens. The students have to satisfy requirements in four areas in order to progress up the levels from Bronze to Gold. Those areas are – Voluntary Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. 

Why is she doing this? Well these are the reasons in her own words. 

‘I wish to challenge myself to do things that I wouldn’t usually do that are out of my comfort zone. This exposes me to different aspects of the community that I wouldn’t usually encounter.  

‘Hopefully I can become a well-rounded person.’ 

The scheme will finish for her when she completes a Gold Residential Project at the Gold Level. It’s all about becoming the best citizen you can by helping yourself and giving back to the community, which is just what Lions is also about too. 

So Mia will be joining us in a variety of our usual activities aimed at meeting those goals. 

Good for you Mia. You have our support.


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