Lennox Groove, February 2019

Any local that loves music will already know all about local success story of WHARVES, a Lennox Head based indie rock band who in 2017 won the highly coveted triple j Unearthed spot to open the biggest youth music festival in Australia, Splendour in the Grass.   

One thing that the members of WHARVES are very passionate about is supporting other young artists and the live music scene in NSW and beyond.  They regularly play All Ages shows and are quick to support other bands in the local scene. They have supported Ben Luke of Lennox Groove to establish Beach Sounds All Ages Music Fest which is on again at the Lennox Community Centre on 30 March 2019. 

In February members of WHARVES were in the crowd themselves supporting the huge protest Don’t Kill Live Music in Sydney. The Sydney lock out laws have closed down dozens of live music venues and the onerous licensing regulations and noise restrictions in NSW have ensured few new venues have opened.  Now those who would like to stop all fun in NSW have turned their attention to the huge youth music festivals with a slew of new strict and highly expensive rules.

Here in our Ballina electorate we are fortunate to have local politician Ben Franklin of the Nationals, who has been a huge supporter of the local music scene, break ranks with his NSW Coalition partners to fight for the right of local festivals. 

There are many factors which make this a complex issue, not least the recent highly publicised recreational drug deaths of several young adults at music festivals. But to us here at Lennox Groove this protest is the culmination of many years over which the value we as a society place on youth culture, art and music has drifted away as our population has become on average older. Lennox is perhaps not immune from that drift.  

There is no doubt that 30 years ago there was a very vibrant music scene in NSW supported by hotels and clubs in every town. Did you know that in 1980 INXS played the Bangalow Bowling Club? Did you know that in 1978 Cold Chisel played 279 shows in Australia!  

Over the years most pubs have ditched live music in favour of gambling with poker machines filling the spaces where some of our great artists cut their teeth. Our newest and greatest bands cannot add to the story of Australian music without your support.  So please get off your couches and get to a gig where original live modern music is being played. 

WHARVES next show is supporting DZ Deathrays at The Northern Byron Bay on 16 March 2019.  


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