Chip Inn With Jase

In memory of former City Centre Manager and Lennox Head resident Jason Mumford, Chip Inn with Jase will open it’s servery at Eat The Street in Lismore on March 9. Chip Inn with Jase combines two core Aussie passions – helping out those in need and an endless love of hot chips. They will be serving hot chips to the community while bringing a more serious and worthy cause to light: mental health.

Jason created Lismore’s ‘Eat the Street’, but his dream was to open a chip shop. In keeping with his belief that hot chips go best with salts and not sauce, Chip Inn with Jase will be serving freshly fried, crispy chips with salt blends such as vinegar, smoked tomato and basil, rosemary and garlic, salt bush and even sweet combinations such as vanilla cinnamon sugar and salted caramel. 

Chip Inn with Jase isn’t just your average food trailer. The social enterprise, giving 100% of profits back to the Northern Rivers community, aims to raise awareness about mental health in the hopes of abolishing the stigma surrounding the topic, one chip at a time. Proceeds from each serving will be donated to local charities such as Headspace and Stand By, and assist in funding other mental health programs. 

Jason’s brother, Adam Mumford, said Chip Inn with Jase is a symbol of hope and strength, and honours his brother’s devotion to the Northern Rivers community.

‘We wanted to make Jason’s dream a reality but also create a space that encourages people to gather and share their experiences, all while digging into some awesome hot chips,’ he said. 

‘We are also dedicated to helping provide jobs for those in the community who are experiencing mental health issues and may struggle to find employment,’ Adam explains. ‘The team working in the food truck will consist of those trying to get their life back on track.’

Lismore Mayor Cr. Isaac Smith said: ‘Jason’s passing last year absolutely shocked and saddened the Northern Rivers community. We will always remember his hard work as our City Centre Manager and how he went above and beyond to create events like Eat the Street. Chip Inn with Jase is such a powerful way to continue his legacy.’

Chip Inn with Jase will be turning on the deep fryers, filling up the salt shakers and opening the doors at Eat The Street on Saturday, March 9 from 12noon-8pm.  

Make sure you visit Chip Inn with Jase and help make a difference to mental health.

For more information, please contact BG Stave on 0405 005 705 or email 

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