Cars Of Lennox

Make / Model – 1967 MGB

Owner – Paul

LW – So Paul, what do we have here?

Paul – This is my second red MGB, I had one very similar in my youth and regretted selling it. So I bought this one to re-live old memories and make a few new ones. 

LW – Perfect reason if you ask me, I hear there is a story to how this particular car came to be yours?

Paul – Yes, a few years ago I was celebrating a milestone birthday with my family in Lorne, Victoria, the place I grew up in. As a surprise my family had organised though the local car club for me and a good friend to be pick up in a couple of MGBs similar to the ones we owned years ago. It was such a great day, we cruised some of the old haunts and did a drive long the Great Ocean Road. It brought back so many memories. About six months later I heard the car we drove was up for sale. Even though I was based in Darwin at the time I had to have the car. I flew down and bought it and had it trucked to Lennox Head where we have a holiday house (soon to be full time home). 

LW – Great, so you use it regularly around here?

Paul – It’s not a daily driver but I love getting it out on sunny days and taking in the country roads of the area, it’s an amazing place to go driving and escape. 

LW – Agreed, where would be your favourite place to go?

Paul – A nice drive close to home is up to Newrybar via the back roads. We go for a coffee up there and maybe carry on back a different way again. 

LW – How does this car compare to the one you owned in your younger years?

Paul – Very similar looking cars but this one has the overdrive, it gives me more gear options when driving and makes it even more fun. 

LW – So is this one a keeper?

Paul – Absolutely, I have no plans to sell this one. It’s mine for a long time time to come. 

LW – Great to hear Paul, we will keep an eye out for you cruising the streets of Lennox and beyond for years to come. 

Paul – Thank you. You’ll see me for sure.

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