Lennox Head RFS

Welcome to the New Year!  

Over the Christmas period our brigade has been kept busy with call- outs and also providing the community with information on keeping safe this fire season.

Our permit officer has been busy inspecting burn piles around the area, however the hot weather has caused permits to be suspended and we have also had total fire ban days. We are still in fire season and it is a requirement that you obtain a fire permit to burn. The permit officer at our station, Julia, is most happy to inspect the pile that you wish to burn, but she does need a bit of notice. Keeping the piles small is also a requirement (no bigger than 2 metres wide by 1 metre high).  

Our brigade members are at 26 with around 15 of these currently available fire fighters and we always have room for more. Our volunteers come from all walks of life in our region, offering their time from their busy lives to help protect Lennox Head when needed.  

Congrats to our newest fire fighters, who graduated in November, they have both already attended many incidents.  Please thank them for their service to our community when you see them. 

If you are interested, have a look at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au, and please come along to our monthly meeting on the last Wed of each month, 6.30pm at the station, to have a chat to the crew to see if the job is right for you. Our crew will be undertaking new training courses over the next few months, and into the winter months.

Hopefully you have all now downloaded the Fires Near Me app and the My Fire Plan app, to your phones.  

Ask yourself ‘How fireproof is your plan?’

By Jules and Debs

Below: Phil Elmer, Captain Bill McKenzie, Lesley Forsythe-Fisher.

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