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The 1960s was known for style and the cars from that era where no exception. Unique and some would say ‘sexy’ cars were being brought out by nearly all car companies. These cars have become icons in the modern era, this months car is a classic example. 

Make / Model –1961 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (custom)

Owner – Nicole of Tintenbar

LW – Such an eye catching car, tell us a bit about it.

Nicole – Well, as you know it’s a 1961 Karmann Ghia. A very well known model and loved by so many car enthusiasts. This one is unique though as it’s the only one I know of with a 2.9 litre Chevy Corvair engine. The normal 1.2 litre VW engine lacks grunt but the previous owner has has gone to huge effort and expense to put a much bigger engine in it. It is amazing to drive!  

LW – Yeah, I’m sure. Is that why you bought it?

Nicole – Absolutely! When I saw it advertised about two and a half years ago I had to go and have a look. I turned the key and revved the motor, I was in love! I didn’t need to even drive it, the car was going to be mine!

LW – Sometimes you just know right? So the number plate GIA 007 is interesting? What’s the story?

Nicole – So many people comment on it being like a James Bond style car. Although Ghias have never actually been featured in the films they do have that 1960s super spy feel, so we went with it. 

LW – I’ve heard that this beauty (Ghia as she’s called) is up for sale? Why?

Nicole – Sadly, due to having young kids and little time the car isn’t being driven. We’re also in the process of building a new house so there is no where to keep it in the meantime. I’ve advertised it on CarSales as I do need to sell it but I’m also being selective, it has to go to the right home. It’s not a daily driver, it’s a car that needs attention and driving regularly down winding roads. Someone who will love it as much as I have. 

LW – Well, I’m sure there is someone out there who will treat it right. I hope they are local so we can see more of it in years to come.

Nicole – That would be great, there sure are plenty of great drives around here for the new owner to enjoy. 

LW – Thanks so much for chatting about your amazing Ghia with us, it’s a beautiful car.

Nicole – No problem, thank you for having us. 

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