Ocean Rhythms – Lennox Head Ocean and Fishing Report – Steve Shearer

Strange old spring. With the Pacific basin tilting towards El Nino the odds were for a dry spring with extended northerly episodes, tumbleweed rolling down the main street and only kiteboarders happy. Instead we’ve had something closer to autumn weather with plenty of rain, swell from the eastern quadrant and not a single extended northerly wind episode.

An early season cyclone—which was posited in last months column— formed off the Solomon Islands but did not produc significant swell for our region.  A wet September rolled into October with similar conditions prevailing. A coastal trough lying just offshore from southeast Queensland to Northern NSW spawned a surface low off Fraser Island during the second week of October- a very unseasonal event, usually a feature of a La Nina summer or early autumn. This low generated rain and an unruly storm surf which pretty much destroyed most of the local Point break sand bars. It’ll take time for the sand deposited on storm bars to migrate shoreward and replenish inshore sand banks and in the mean-time the rocky, reefy areas stretching from the Bream Hole to the Pub are offering the best options.

You can’t complain about a spring where the devil wind northerlies lay down and in the best case scenario trade wind bands between the North Island of New Zealand and extending into the South Pacific and Coral Sea will keep a steady supply of E swell on tap as we move through the silly season into Christmas. Fingers crossed.

The rain and minor fresh in the creeks and rivers has put fish on the move. Flathead are around and in numbers if you don’t mind covering ground until you find them. Down in the lower reaches of the river and adjacent beaches is a good place to look. If water is too turbid on the outgoing tide then the cleaner ocean water from the incoming tide is needed to bring fish on the bite. Warmer waters than usual this time of year are seeing whiting on the chew if you can find a nice shallow inshore gutter. Sometimes the fish are at your feet on a rising tide. It’s definitely still worth a throw for tailor around washes on the headlands at dawn and dusk, especially if you see the whitebait netters around. That’s all for this month. Till next month, tight lines and tubular visions.

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