Talking To Trent, Sept 2018

To wrap up the seven pillars of overall health I’ll finish today with my favourite and most misunderstood pillar, mental health.

We often seem to forget we have a mental health just like a physical health. We seem to only address mental health when it has become a mental illness. Early intervention is the key to mental health. Knowing how to identify the signs and symptoms is what can keep us in good mental health. I plan on educating our community about this so stay tuned.

It seems we are people who do many things for others but never for ourselves. Always prioritising others over ourselves. I’m all for helping others, I’ve build a life in doing so but I am also aware of the detriment to your health if you don’t value your own mental health. We work 40+ hours a week for someone else, often causing us stress. We run around after the kids all weekend doing pick ups and drop offs, leaving minimal time for ourselves. When we get mentally ill we go to the doctor, get a pill and think that will fix the problem. It’s sure not that easy. I want to share three simple things you can do to better your mental health and decrease the chance of developing a mental illness.

First is be sure to have self care time. Allocate at least 1 hour a week for this. This needs to be something you don’t do any other day of the week and it needs to be specific to you. It could be taking a bath and reading a book, going for a soft sand walk or making a trip to Crystal Castle (my personal favourite). Whatever it is, it must be about you. The second is random acts of kindness. Don’t be so caught up in your world that you forget there’s a much bigger world out there that you can influence by acting with kindness. People in this world are becoming more and more selfish everyday and that certainly isn’t good for anyone. Step up and look out for your neighbours and you too will receive a gift. A gift of being a good person and doing a good deed. Lastly get educated. Don’t ignore the awareness around this space, educate yourself on signs and symptoms because unfortunately statistics tell us we are about to hit a mental health epidemic thanks to modern living and lifestyles.

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