Cars Of Lennox – Ford Mustang

Make / Model – 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe

Owner – Jeff

Nothing says muscle like an early Mustang. They must be one of the world’s most recognisable and wanted cars. Jeff is lucky enough to own a great example of this USA classic.

LW – So Jeff, how did you come about owning this classic piece of USA history?

Jeff – Back in 2012 I decided to shout myself a classic car, it had to be iconic and a V8. I was keen on an Aussie make but after doing my research I found that parts are hard to find and expensive when you find them. I was told a Mustang was the way to go. Due to their worldwide popularity there are heaps of parts and prices are very reasonable. I settled on this beauty as it was so well cared for and pretty much done up as I wanted it. I didn’t have to do anything except drive it, that’s the bit I love.

LW – Many owners name their cars, have you given it a name?

Jeff – No not exactly. My mates call it ‘The Beast’ on account of the sound it makes. I’m sure I’d be hassled by the cops in a modern car, but due to the vintage they tend to overlook it.

LW  The V8 rumble comes as part of the package. It must be great to get out on the open road. Do you drive The Beast much?

Jeff – Most weekends I like to get out in it. It has standard rego so I can go out whenever I like without restriction like they have on historic regoed cars. I can also do weddings and formals etc.

LW – Do you do many?

Jeff – Occasionally, it’s not the reason I bought the car but I do love to share it. Formals are fun and grooms love turning up in it, so why no help make the occasion I say.

LW – What’s the future plan? Selling or keeping?

Jeff – Definitely keeping. I love it and so does my 14 year old son, he has plans to drive it and possibly own it one day.

LW – Well Jeff, thanks for chatting. If we need a formal car for one of the Lennox locals how do we find you?

Jeff – Thanks for having us. Yeah, love to help out anyone who wants a ride. I have a facebook page hammo1965mustang feel free to drop me a message. We’ll do laps of the main street on the way!

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