Yasmin Honeychurch Is Ms August

Actor and Model

Birthplace: Hobart Tasmania
(but moved to Lennox Head at 8)

Family: Mum Lindy, Stepfather David, brother Matt, and the rest is complicated!

Favourite Food: Greek Vegetarian 

Star Sign: Sagittarius

At just eight years old Yasmin Honeychurch was already reading poetry and performing for her family. When she scored the role of Wednesday Addams in the school play of The Addams Family, it was clear to everyone— including Yasmin herself — that her future lay in acting.

From very early on Yasmin’s mother Lindy could see her daughter’s talent and the joy she experienced from performing. She enrolled Yasmin in the Byron Bay Film and Television School where she was lucky enough to be tutored by Mark Piper, ex director of Home and Away.

‘I was his first ever student,’ says Yasmin, ‘and we still work together today ten years later.’

With mum always supporting and helping Yasmin forward her career, the family made several key connections early on. Lindy helped her find an agent, Charmaine Gilchrist, who she still works with today, and more recently took on another agent – Ina Petersen who is based in Hollywood.

‘My managers both have my interests at heart and we all work together as a team’, says Yasmin, ‘and we usually Skype together once a week. We talk about planning my future all the time.’ 

‘I also have a self tape coach, because a lot of screen acting parts start with that self tape audition. My coach is Yure, and he’s based at Fox Studios. He has taught me to be myself in the tapes, because casting directors don’t want perfect takes every time, but want to see the essence of the person.’

‘I’m feeling a lot more confident about the tapes now because that is what you have to do if you want to get TV and film roles.’

Yasmin says she is driven not by a desire for money or fame, but by her belief in the power of performance to spread a message and make a difference in the world.

‘You don’t act for no reason,’ she says, ‘you act to spread a message. I can’t do a project if I can’t connect with it on a personal level.’

‘Drama helps you think more and learn more about the meaning of life and relationships. Acting gives me hope for the future. It inspires me.’

All Yasmin’s hard work, the commitment of teachers, agents, and of course her mother, has paid off, because (in addition to extras and modelling work) she has already starred in several short films including In The Cane Field, Quack (produced and directed by local Nicole Sullivan and co-starring local actor Millar Brand) and most recently Back Of The Net.

Back of the Net is a film about girls in sport, and about friendship. I played Adele who is one of the girls in a soccer team. It was an amazing process, because we had to go on a soccer camp to learn about the sport and to develop our characters together.’

What’s the best thing about your work?

The people, the friendships and working with people who are motivated and inspiring. Getting to do something different every time and get out of my comfort zone.

Worst thing?

I don’t get to do it all the time, there are high highs and low lows.


Boxing, running, painting, journaling, poetry, music, piano.

Work life philosophy?

Every day is an opportunity.

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