Talking With Trent

We’re counting down onto the final two of my seven pillars of overall health.

This issue let’s look at, what is probably most people’s favourite pillar of health, the social pillar.

It is vital for us as human beings to have social interaction. Becoming isolated from our communities can really put us in poor health. Belonging to a club or team proves to be most beneficial in keeping us well. It gives us a sense of belonging and purpose. It is always good to belong to a club or team that has the same beliefs as you. One that will help create a healthy environment and make a positive impact on you.

I know many, including myself, who chose to be a part of a club or team because of the social benefits. Choosing to be a part of an active group means you can kill two birds with one stone, sometimes more.

Spending time with people of similar interests will allow you the chance to share your beliefs. Sometimes the teacher and sometimes the student, but never-the-less always keeping you stimulated in social interest.

Being in a group can also inspire you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. If others know what you hope to achieve, then you are more likely to keep working at it and more likely to feel like you are a winner when you get there.

So, why not join a new club or team this winter?

Don’t just think it needs to be around training. It can be around anything.

Some of us like to train by ourselves so it is important that we get our social interaction elsewhere.

I’ll talk next month on the ever important mental health and you will see how being isolated can be the first step in developing poor mental health.

Get social, enjoy yourself and you never know who you may meet.

Life’s too short to not learn from others.

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