One Way For Ballina Street Popular With Business

To coincide with Ballina Council’s Lennox Village Vision (LVV) community survey, the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce telephone polled and visited the 86 businesses that operate in the area earmarked for upgrade works. 75 businesses were available for the poll.

Business owners were asked whether they would like Council to explore a two-way or one-way traffic flow option.

The results of the poll indicate that there is twice as much support amongst business owners for one-way than there is support for two-way.

Two-way 24%

One-way 53%

No preference 8%

Not sure 15%

Above: Lennox Village Vision (LVV) poll of business owners conducted by the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce. 87% of all businesses polled. 98% of ground floor retail businesses polled.

The one-way streetscape option with angled parking (Streetscape Design B pictured) is preferred by most businesses.

Businesses wanting a one-way streetscape provided the following reasons:

– one-way streetscape will create additional parking

– traffic calming and better pedestrian safety features

– one-way design will better prepare the centre of town for the future.

Businesses wanting a two-way streetscape provided the following reasons:

– two-way traffic flow makes it easier for my customers to get to my business

– one-way traffic, north to south does not favour my business

– two-way traffic flow works well, do not see the need to change it.

The Chamber has received feedback from businesses indicating their support for:

– a masterplan design that is creative, encourages community connections, promotes a village atmosphere and is produced by experienced designers, not engineers

– greater optimisation of existing car parking spaces in Ballina Street and Park Lane, not paid parking

– formalised untimed parking areas near the town centre, suitable for staff parking

– a masterplan design that encourages alternative ways of getting into town including cycling, walking, motorcycles

– a construction phase that minimises disruption to business.

If you operate a business in town and have not yet had your say on this important issue please email with your contact details and we will get in touch.

The streetscape designs are available online. Google ‘Lennox Village Vision’ and visit the Council webpage for more information.

The Chamber thanks all businesses that took the time to participate in the poll.

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