New Wildlife Activity Card For Kids

Lennox Head Landcare and the Lennox Head Residents’ Association have collaborated to produce a Lake Ainsworth Wildlife Activity Card for kids.

The wildlife card features images of over 50 of the Lake’s native and introduced animals. Kids can tick off each species as they spot them and re-use the card until they find everything. It is a great way to help kids connect with nature and be more aware of the different wildlife that live around Lake Ainsworth.

The project is a result of 6 months of work by wildlife photographer Kelly Saunderson and science communicator Erika Taylor. The women met through the Residents’ Association and have bonded over a mutual love of the local environment. Ballina Shire Council have contributed the printing cost of the activity card.

You will see the activity cards popping up around town or you are welcome to pick one up at the Lennox Head Community Centre.

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