Karlosophies—July 2018

I’m a long time reader, but first time writer.

When Helen contacted me to ask if I’d do a spot of writing for the Wave, part of me was like ‘Hell yes!’, then another part of me was like ‘Oh God. What if this sucks and everything thinks I’m a loser?’

Obviously, I got over myself.

I’m Karly Nimmo. I moved to the region 15 years ago, after a Splendour bender roadtrip ended with me meeting my future (now) husband. Quit my job. Packed my belongings into an old Toyota Camry wagon and moved into a make shift garage in Suffolk.

In 2012, after seven years of lonely self employment and a stint in the hinterland, I threw all the money we had (and some of the banks) into creating a coworking space in Byron. It didn’t pan out as expected and I closed it a year later, fell pregnant and moved to Lennox, with a stack of debt and a big dark cloud of failure following me around.

I was not in a good place – completely sleep deprived (thanks to a beautiful baby girl) and consumed by this failed business. Failure had defined who I was. I was a failure. I found myself wondering if other people had failed? If they struggled as much as I did? My instagram and facebook feed suggested otherwise. Everyone looked like they had their shit together. Clearly, I was alone, in struggle town.

My background in radio and work as voice over artist for over a decade led me to start a podcast, Karlosophies; to talk to entrepreneurs about the reality of running a business.

Karlosophies hit number one in iTunes. Finally, some success. The past few years have been a bit of a whirlwind. I started a second number one podcast, Keeping Good Company, (along with a mastermind with my best friend), run retreats locally, coach and mentor and I’ve written a book (currently collecting dust – yet to be published). And my little baby girl is now a proper kid!

So what you can expect from me here?

Honest stories about being a human. Sometimes it’ll be business related, but mostly it’ll be stories that make you feel less alone in your humanness.

And if you see me walking Seven Mile talking to myself, know that I’m not crazy, just recording a podcast. Give me a wave. I’ll be sure to wave back.

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