Cars Of Lennox—August 2018

Make / Model – 1962 EK Holden

Owner – Kirsten from Byron

LW – What a great example of an Aussie classic. Tell us the story behind her?

Kirsten – Well I’ve always been a fan of old Holdens, just something about them. When I was 19 I found one the same colour and was so keen to buy it but my parents talked me out of it. Over 10 years later in January this year I found this one and just had to have it. It was in Victoria and I was in Sydney but I was going to do anything to get it. I put down a deposit and then just sorted the rest out from there.

LW – OK, so how did it end up in Lennox?

Kirsten  It was all part of a grand plan. I was working in the media as a fashion stylist, I had a few clients in Byron and just fell in love with the place. I decided once I got the car to move up and then turn it into a business. I wanted to run it as a wedding/formal car hire with an on board stylist.

LW –  Nice one, any success?

Kirsten – Yes, I’ve got a few bookings.

LW – Surely a car like this has a name?

Kirsten – Yes! Of course. It’s May. May the EK. I moved here with her in May and it’s a perfect name for a pastel coloured EK.

LW – That is perfect. So the plan is to get May working?

Kirsten – Sure is, I’m really looking forward to sharing her with people. Already I take friends for drives and use her in photo shoots so I just want to keep going from there. May makes people smile and I love that.

LW – So if someone has a wedding, formal or other event coming up they want to travel in style how do they find you?

Kirsten – We have a website or search for May The EK on Instagram and send me a message.

LW – It’s been great to meet you and May, I’m sure we’ll see you transporting brides to be or just going for a Sunday drive around Lennox for years to come. All the best.

Kirsten – Thanks so much for having us.

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