Beer Or Bale For Aussie Farmers This Friday

When Trent Chapman gave his boot campers some homework last Friday he certainly got the response he was after. The task was to complete a random act of kindness over the weekend.

It was only an hour after the training session had completed when he got a phone call from one of his clients Simone Pepin saying she had a great idea for her random act of kindness. She wanted to hold a fundraiser for the Aussie Farmers and she wanted Trent’s and the training group’s help.

And just like that, within 24 hours everything was organised. The pair decided the best thing to do would be to hold an event at the good old public house and give people the option to ‘spare a beer’ and donate $5, ‘chip in’ $20 towards a bale of hay or ‘be a legend’ and buy a bale for $200.

The Lennox Hotel and the Beef & Beach loved the idea and jumped straight on board! Trent and Simone also decided it would be a good idea that if everyone who donated wrote a message to the farmers on their ‘hope board’ they could then take a pot and share the hope board with all the Aussie farmers social media accounts and website to let them know we here in Lennox care.

It’s been dubbed ‘from the beach to the bush!’

Trent and Simone both come from the central west and are both hearing daily the struggles as like most of us are. Simone’s family are 5th generation farmers and Trent has been involved with mental health first aid to farmers, so they are both extremely aware that they need our help!

‘We can’t ignore whats going on here, we can’t turn a blind eye, this is our country and these are our people! We can’t fix this problem by forgetting about our farmers and importing meats! We need to do what right and help our farmers and our cattle get back on track the best we can with the only way we know how, through good honest mateship of lending a hand’ Trent said.

The event is this Friday 10th August, 5-7pm at the Lennox Hotel and Beef & Beach and everyone in the community is welcome to come along. 

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