Residents say ‘No bloody way’ To Asphalt Plant


Residents in the usually peaceful Teven Valley are reeling from a proposal to build an asphalt plant in the midst of their rural properties.

The proposal, from multinational Fulton Hogan, is for a twenty-four hour a day seven day a week petrochemical plant. Fulton Hogan recently announced their intentions via a “Community newsletter” delivered to only six properties.

‘An asphalt plant is not an unknown,’ said Josh Browne, Teven resident and President of the Teven Tintenbar Community Association. ‘It is a highly toxic invasive activity which has garnered international agreement regarding its profound effects upon health’.

Browne encourages everybody to do their own research and google the dangers of living near an asphalt plant. ‘Cancer, central nervous system problems, liver damage, respiratory problems, skin irritation… the list of documented impacts goes on and on,’ he said. ‘Add to this the unbearable smell, vastly increased truck movements on roads already struggling with dangerous trucks and general loss of amenity from a precious natural environment to a hazardous industrial zone’.

The intended site for the petrochemical plant is the hard rock quarry on Stokers Lane operated by multinational Holcim. ‘We have had endless issues living next to this quarry,’ said Browne. ‘We have not seen evidence of the road upgrade promised in their Environmental Impact Statement and neither have we seen evidence that they are adhering to their required limitations on truck activity’.

Residents are appealing for community and Council awareness. ‘We understand that asphalt has to come from somewhere,’ said Teven’s Felicity Murphy. ‘However this is a rural area where agriculture and sustainable living are everything. The Teven Valley is a vital part of the green belt of the Northern Rivers Rainbow Region. Why mess this up when you could put an asphalt plant in an industrial area? There is already one asphalt plant in the Ballina Shire and two in Lismore. We seriously question the need for more. This proposal for an asphalt quarry is universes apart from a hard rock quarry. It’s like going from making biscuits to making gunpowder’.

The Teven Tintenbar Community Association is calling Northern Rivers residents to an information afternoon at the Tintenbar Hall on Saturday June 16, from 3:30 – 5:30pm.

‘There’s no bloody way we are going to take this,’ said Josh Browne. ‘And there is a lot that ordinary people can do to help keep our green way of living’.

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  1. Michael Latham

    This is an “in your face” insult to the residents and farmers of the beautiful Teven Valley. On cold clear nights the pollution will hang over the valley. When the wind blows it may reach Towalbin, Alstonville, Wollongbar, Tyumba, Tintenbar, Cumbalum, and Ballina, There are many schools within a 5 or 6 Km radius of the proposed factory. What a disgraceful proposal!


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