Fig Fans Chaining On

After some considerable to-ing and fro-ing between Council, residents and concerned Lennox Head citizens, the 200-year old Moreton Bay Fig tree on Castle Drive has been slated for removal. But there is a group of residents that is determined to save the tree and they are currently chaining themselves to the tree in protest.

Spearheaded by local woman Sherrie Yeomans, the movement has gained significant support over the last week, with between 70 and 100 people volunteering to ‘lock on’.

These people have been chaining themselves to the tree in shifts, through some of the wettest and coldest weather we have seen for some time.

According to Sherrie, Council has not yet exhausted all options for saving the tree. She quotes several arborists’ reports and other professional opinions, which suggest the tree may not be entirely responsible for the damage that some people suggest.

If you’d like to know more, visit the protesters at Castle Drive or visit their Facebook page.

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