Stolen Dog Returned Home

‘The worst week of her of her life’ is how Rachel Savage decribes the week when her family’s Jack Russell Chilli went missing.

The family had been in Tamworth for the football, and as they often did, had asked a neighbour to watch the dog, who had a bit of a reputation for getting out, sniffing around, and coming back.

But not this time. The Savages got the call when they were in Tamworth, Chilli was gone. They came home immediately and spent the next week, placing ads in the lcoal media, and on social media, letter box dropping, and cruising the streets, but even though she had a collar with a phone number on it, Chilli had just disappeared.

Then a week later, after they had offered a reward on Facebook, came a strange call from a man who said he was in Clunes and might have Chilli. He gave Rachel his address and her husband Shaun headed out there.

The man came out holding the dog, but seemed reluctant to hand her over. After an uncomfortable exchange, Shaun managed to get hold of Chilli, at which point the man asked for the reward!

The Savages are now convinced that Chilli was stolen, and that the man possibly intended to seek a reward from the start.

Whatever the truth, the message from Rachel and Shaun and their sons Rex, Levi and Talon, is keep your dogs close.

The silver lining to this story is that this young family, who are new to town, have been welcomed and supported enormously by the residents of Lennox Head and for that they are grateful.

‘I had little old ladies ringing me and asking after our dog,’ says Rachel.

‘Thanks to everyone who helped us and supported us through this.’

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